Distinct Therapy and Wellness Services


Find relief from trauma and PTSD.

Recover from the destruction of addiction.

Heal relationships in conflict.

Learn how to hijack anxiety and depression.

Engage grief and find joy again.

Restore trust and overcome the profound pain of betrayal.

Discover the child you love while addressing parenting issues.

Share hope with someone finding their own Well-Being.

The Center for Well-Being offers...

Individual and Group Therapy Sessions and Intensives

Marital and Parenting Workshops

Self-Care Retreats

Rhythmic, Integrative Body Movement Activities

Life Celebration Classes

3 Ingredients for Success


Supportive therapists and professionals who gently collaborate with you to restore your sense of

well-being and to

evoke positive change.


There is a path.

 We have walked it with others and we can share the journey with you.


There is power in community.


Join others as you find direction, hope and healing.

Mature Couple Showing Affection

Play Therapy

The Center for Well-Being now offers play therapy for all ages. Recommended by pediatricians, teachers, and ministers, play therapy has proven to help you and your child:

* learn to recognize their emotions

* develop strategies to calm themselves

* function better at daycare/school

* improve social skills

* face their fears

* grieve and grow

* navigate conflict

* improve self-esteem

* learn life-long skills for success

* heal from traumatic experiences

We can even conduct play therapy sessions at your child's daycare so you don't have to miss work!

Most play therapy treatment plans range

from 6-10 sessions and include

support for caregivers.

Angela has trained in play therapy approaches designed to support the efforts of each member of the family, as well as supporting other important authority figures in your child's life (teachers, ministers, etc.)

Learn more about Angela and her distinct approach to supporting you and your loved ones!


Celebrate Well-Being with us.

Angela Spearman is proud to be an affiliate therapist in the

Addo Recovery Network.

Please call Addo to learn more and to schedule your

initial consultation!

Call/Text: 855-229-2336


Appointments available

Monday-Friday 9am-3pm


Thursdays 6pm-9pm


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